Dr. Jayna Baker creating an open letter stating that her students are enjoying the process of reading novels, and that in at least one case it has provoked an emotional response.

In the season with so many things to be thankful for, Dr. Baker has penned an open note about a remarkable moment with one of her students and their family. With the many things having changed over the last few years, and the shift away from physical copies of literature being among them, it was easy to forget that many of the younger students at Leon Taylor Middle School might not have ever touched a novel themselves. As parents and adults this may seem foreign because it was such an integrated part of our childhood and education, but we are now in the age of "now" in which our students will grow. Phones, games, tablets, and any device can take words of a book and replace them, but they do not capture the imagination like feel of a classic novel in your hands. This is also important because it can serve as a shared experience across the generations. There is something fantastic about parents being able to discuss classic characters, or the emotions of scene that they read themselves. That's why this note is such a remarkable thing. It is a simple observation that confirms what we already know. Future leaders must also be readers, and that return to classic ways is likely something long over due. 

Thank you all for the support that Dr. Baker has received.