During Leon Taylor Middle School's Open House on March 7th there will be 14 STEM Activity Booths in the Media Room. The hands-on activity booths have been created by and will be run by our STEM 2 students. The activities are open to students and their family members. Visit the booths and participate in the activities being offered such as robot coding, robot soccer, Lego challenges , designing a marble roller coaster, making a parachute, or building a catapult. The students will also be demonstrating their ability to build and code robots by having a Battle Bot tournament. Come see what STEM is all about.
about 19 hours ago, Anthony Odom
Stem Night
LTMS Attendance Incentive for the week of 2/19-2/23. The grade level with the highest attendance for the week will get to spend Friday's advisory period outside.
4 days ago, Anthony Odom
2/19 Incentive
Parents, the state has mandated that we have all families complete a home language survey. Your child will receive this form today during their advisory period to take home so please be on the lookout for it. This form is two sided and will need to be filled out completely with your signature included. The deadline to have this returned is Wednesday February 21st. The first advisory class per grade level to have all of their forms returned will win a pizza party. Thank you!
9 days ago, Anthony Odom
HLS English 1
HLS English 2
Padres, el estado ha ordenado que todas las familias completen una encuesta sobre el idioma materno. Su hijo recibirá este formulario hoy durante su período de asesoramiento para llevarlo a casa, así que esté atento a él. Este formulario tiene dos caras y deberá completarse en su totalidad con su firma incluida. La fecha límite para devolverlo es el miércoles 21 de febrero. La primera clase de asesoramiento por nivel de grado que reciba todos sus formularios ganará una fiesta de pizza. ¡Gracias!
9 days ago, Ingleside ISD
Lang Survey 1
Lang Survey 2
LTMS will be having another attendance contest between the grade levels. The grade with the best attendance for the week of 2/12-2/16 will be treated to pickles during advisory on Friday.
11 days ago, Anthony Odom
Pickle Incentive
LTMS PTO is still selling Valentine's Candy Grams. Included will be a carnation, ring pop and a card that will be delivered during advisory on Valentine's Day. We have extended the deadline to today (2/12) only. We will accept cash or Cash App and have a set limit of only 200 orders. Please get your order in as soon as possible.
11 days ago, Anthony Odom
Candy Gram
Las familias de estudiantes bilingües emergentes y las familias de inglés como segunda lengua, tómate unos minutos para leer este boletín. https://www.smore.com/puj95-bolet-n-de-padres-y-familias
14 days ago, Anthony Odom
Emergent Bilingual Student families and English Second Language families please take a few minutes to read this newsletter. https://www.smore.com/8w1dbt
14 days ago, Anthony Odom
LTMS PTO will be selling Valentine's Candy Grams. Included will be a carnation, ring pop and a card that will be delivered during advisory on Valentine's Day. We will be selling until Friday February 9th. We will accept cash or Cash App and have a set limit of only 200 orders. Please get your order in as soon as possible.
18 days ago, Anthony Odom
Candy Grams
LTMS Attendance Incentive for the week of Feb. 5th-9th!!
18 days ago, Anthony Odom
2/5-2/9 Incentive
Any 8th grade students who are interested in trying out for color guard please see the attached flyer. For any questions please contact genevie.huerta@inglesideisd.org
22 days ago, Anthony Odom
Cheer Parent Meeting- There will be a meeting for the parents of all cheerleaders and students which will be trying out for cheerleader. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 31st at 6pm in the LTMS Media Room.
25 days ago, Anthony Odom
LTMS Attendance Incentive for week of 1/29.
25 days ago, Anthony Odom
1/29 Incentive
Please read the following flyer concerning the importance of school attendance.
28 days ago, Anthony Odom
Feb 2024
Ingleside ISD will be hosting Title 1 Parents Meeting. Please see the attached flyer.
about 1 month ago, Anthony Odom
Title 1 Parents Meeting
LTMS has started another attendance challenge beginning this week. The grade level with the highest attendance will win a popcorn party on Friday 1/26. Remember along with our weekly attendance incentives we still have grading cycle attendance challenges, semester perfect attendance challenges and yearly perfect attendance challenge still ongoing. Please help us in our challenge by having your child at school daily. Every school day counts!!
about 1 month ago, Anthony Odom
Attendance Incentive 1/22
Coach Bell: Please join my LTMS Cheer Tryouts 2024 class on Remind. https://www.remind.com/join/ltmscheert?utm_medium=ios
about 1 month ago, Anthony Odom
CHEER!! The deadline to pick up packets for cheer has been extended to today January 19th. Students may pick up a packet in the front office during advisory or after school. After today there will be no exceptions made per Coach Bell. Also, any 6th graders or any students new to athletics will have to get a physical in order to participate. These forms are available in the office as well. If there are any questions please contact Coach Bell (sherise.bell@inglesideisd.org)
about 1 month ago, Anthony Odom
One of our own has won the family matters award given out by the district. Below is a short excerpt from what was read last night. "Mrs. Jenkins thrives while working with students on campus at LTMS. Time and time again she meets students where they're at, but has an amazing talent of lifting students up and encouraging them to grow from that point. Her students performing exemplary on the STAAR test is a given, but her table extends to those who are in her department. Two days a week, she volunteers to hold tutorials for teachers in her department just so that they do not feel overwhelmed themselves. She then goes into those same teachers' classrooms during her conference period and offers extra help to them, just because she wants to see the kids succeed. Her dedication to her students is second to none, and the obvious admiration that her former students have for her is something remarkable and uncanny. She is at every sporting event encouraging current and former students, and can get more out of students by just being an added presence who demonstrates how she cares about them. There is never a moment of "this is too much," or, "these kids are going to struggle," it's always the attitude of assess and adjust. No excuses, they can win. She is easily one of the best math teachers in the state, but more importantly she is fully committed to Ingleside excellence and has adopted this place as her home and family." Please help me in congratulating one of the very best.
3 months ago, Tyler Vernon
We're starting a little friendly competition between the campuses. Last week GJM beat us by .5 a point, and we can't let that happen again. Moving forward, we are setting up lots of attendance incentives for the remainder of the year, including an opportunity for an exciting field trip at the end of the school year for all of those that have perfect attendance. More information on the way for that, but in the meantime, have perfect attendance this week and help us have the best attendance in the district!
4 months ago, Tyler Vernon